VENTANA HD program series

(the window)

The Window Channel's team of seasoned photographers and
filmmakers travel the world to uncover some of the most unique, unspoiled and spectacular scenery on earth. Captured with the latest in HD video and audio technology, the final production
from The Window Channel is guaranteed to engage, entertain
and relax the viewer with the "Ultimate Vicarious Travel Expereince."

We produce only the highest-quality HD programming that will complement your lifestyle and design esthetic. 

We enjoy what we do, but most importantly, our mission is
to break through the clutter of digital media—creating
a personal oasis from the clatter or everyday life.

The Ventana HD program series is catalogued
 by thematic
series, tempo and destinations. Catalogue series include;
Relax  Designed 
for meditation, relaxation, and personal time.  
Calm   Ideal for meditation, stress-reduction and sleep. 
  A more active viewing experience.
Upbeat  A
 more engaged viewing experience. 
Our World  The planet from different perspectives.

Each program is comprised of long-play windows-captured
from a fixed point of view—a metaphorical window on the world. Accompanied by the naturally-occuring sounds in Dolby 5.1 HD, 
Window Channel programs provide hours of background entertainment and enjoyment—the perfect accompaniment to your HD television and lifestyle.

Window Channel Intro

Window Channel sample video